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Kelly McGowan

Kelly McGowan
Houston, TX

Kelly comes from a long line of beauty professionals. Her grandmother was a cosmetologist and her great aunt owned a salon. But it wasn't until her mid-20s, after college, that she realized beauty was her purpose and her passion. She began her schooling in Scottsdale, Arizona, and finished at the top of her class and became part of the National Technical Honor Society. She went on to work for many different photographers around the area building her portfolio before she ventured off further into the Rocky mountains in Denver, Colorado. From there, her career blossomed as she worked on set and backstage doing hair and makeup. She eventually established her first bridal business. During her time there, she did over 75 weddings. This is where she fell in love with the art of styling. From there sharing this love was her goal and has since traveled nationally and internationally spreading her love for beauty. She now resides in Houston, TX with her husband and 2 sons running her salon space doing hair and makeup constantly.

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