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Tanya Taylor
NYFW Spring/Summer 2020

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hair Stylists Shingo Sibata

Photographer: Kohl Murdock

INSPIRATION: The look for Tanya Taylor was simple and delicate, with a little something extra. We wanted the hair to remain messy and natural, nothing too polished.

STEP 1: Begin with dry natural hair and brush hair straight back using the OG Fine-Medium Detangler Brush.

STEP 2: Apply a dry texturizing spray to the roots and begin to tease hair gently using the Private Collection Thermal Brush.

STEP 3: Next, apply the dry texturizing spray throughout the rest of the hair and brush through. Use the Ceramic + ion Hair Dryer on low heat and the CarboSilk Comb to gently disperse product throughout hair and use the comb to lightly tease.

STEP 5: Next, use the OG Fine-Medium Detangler Brush to brush any unwanted knots at the ends of hair. Tie hair back into ponytail, leaving the top messy and teased. Secure with elastic. Once hair is secure, use the Style-Up Combo Teasing Brush to loosely pull up pieces on the top of the head for added texture.

STEP 6: Apply small amount of texturizing cream to the ponytail and begin to loop hair through the hair piece two times. Lastly, once hair is set in the clip, gently turn the piece so that it sits in a diamond shape at the back of the head and allow pieces to fall naturally.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:

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