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Alison Brie

2018 Emmy Awards

WHO: Actress, Alison Brie

HAIR BY: Celebrity Hairstylist, Robert Vetica for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: We wanted Alison’s look to be very fresh & carefree. I went with an old-school set, then deconstructed it to loosen & finish it for a modern look.

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: We started this look by first applying mousse to damp & clean hair, giving the waves consistency & hold. I then began to dry the hair with the Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer. I used the NanoThermic Round Thermal Brush while drying to create a frizz & static free finish, while also saving time. Once every section of her hair was dry, I began to create waves using a comb & flat iron, starting at the back of head. I applied styling spray throughout each section of hair while creating waves. After I completed each set of waves, I brushed through them using the Divine Care & Style Boar Brush to ensure the perfect comb out. To finish off the look, I applied styling spray starting at the root to create texture & hold. I then used the Style-Up Folding Teasing Brush & began to backcomb at the root to create a halo of volume. To ensure the look would last all night, I lightly applied hair spray, creating a natural finish.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:

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