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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Thermal Collection

1" - EH-24 1" - EH-24
1 1/4" - EH-34 1 1/4" - EH-34
1 3/4" - EH-44 1 3/4" - EH-44
2" - EH-54 2" - EH-54
Product image 11" - EH-24
Product image 21 1/4" - EH-34
Product image 31 3/4" - EH-44
Product image 42" - EH-54
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Professional Brush Made

from Bamboo

Bamboo is stronger, lighter &

more durable than wood

Bamboo is a 100% natural

renewable resource

Using bamboo preserves

hardwood forests

Ion Charged Bristles

Hydrate the cuticle

& adds shine

Eliminate frizz & flyaways

Ceramic coated barrel

Heats up faster

& retains heat longer

Faster, gentler & better styling

Handcrafted Bamboo Handle

Easy-to-rotate ergonomic handle

with engraved neck

Durable & biodegradable

Special anti-slip grip



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Barrel Diameters

Bristle Diameters

16-pc Display (EH-D16)

4 of each:

EH-54, EH-44, EH-34, EH-24

display width: 8"

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