Handcrafted in the hardest & finest quality steel

PowerCut Shears


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Free shipping with $50 purchase

Shipping to USA only (excluding territories)

Powerful reinforced

convex blades

Featherlight & perfectly balanced

A great high-end

all purpose shear

Ergonomic Handle Design

Permanent finger rest

Arc shape relieves elbow strain

Ergonomic offset thumb

for wrist comfort

Micro Tension Dial

Easy to adjust precision dial

for perfect tension control

Comfort silencer

The Edge™ Razor included in case deal

Comfortable ergonomic handle design

Shear Care™ Oil Brush included in case deal

Convenient & easy to use

Soft brush on one end & a click system on the other

Simply twist to lubricate brush & apply to blades


Exclusive Service/Trade-in Program

Never sharpen your shears again. Instead, get a brand new one every time!

The Exclusive Service/Trade-in Program entitles you to a new PowerCut shear every time you want your shears sharpened (no limits; no matter how often or how many times*). Simply give your used PowerCut shears to your authorized dealer and receive, immediately, one brand new shears exactly the same style and size for only

$54.99* (per trade-in)

Great shears with an incredible service program

*Program & pricing subject to availability and may change or terminated without notice.

Valid only in the United States (excluding territories).

How to do trade-in

Shear Collection Warranty

How to Adjust the Tension of your Shear & Thinner

PowerCut Exclusive Case Deals

Includes Oil Brush, Finger Ring Inserts & Cleaning Cloth

PC-CO1:  5.5" Shear + The Edge Razor + Zipper Case
PC-CO2:  6.25" Shear + The Edge Razor + Zipper Case

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