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The ultimate professional shear with striking elegance

5.5" - DR-55 5.5" - DR-55
6.25" - DR-625 6.25" - DR-625
Product image 15.5" - DR-55
Product image 26.25" - DR-625
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Hand-Crafted with the Finest

Japanese Steel

Titanium coating reinforced

blades for rigidity & strength

Powerful convex blades with unparalleled sharpness for effortless & precision cutting

Ergonomic Handle Design

Permanent finger rest

Arc shape relieves elbow strain

Ergonomic offset thumb

for wrist comfort

Featherlight & perfectly balanced

Micro Tension Dial

Easy to adjust precision dial for perfect tension control

Silicone silencer

6" Dragon Thinner (DR-T628) included in case deal

28 handcrafted teeth with microserration

Shear Care™ Oil Brush included in case deal

Convenient & easy to use

Soft brush on one end & a click system on the other

Simply twist to lubricate brush & apply to blades

Exclusive Service/Trade-in Program

Never sharpen your shears again. Instead, get a brand new one every time!

The Exclusive Service/Trade-in Program entitles you to a new Dragon shear every time you want your shears sharpened (no limits; no matter how often or how many times*). Simply give your used Dragon shears to your authorized dealer and receive, immediately, one brand new shears exactly the same style and size for only

$49.99* (per trade-in)

Great shears with an incredible service program

*Program & pricing subject to availability and may change or terminated without notice.

Valid only in the United States (excluding territories).

How to do trade-in

Shear Collection Warranty

How to Adjust the Tension of your Shear & Thinner


Exclusive Case Deals

Includes Oil Brush

Finger Ring Inserts

& Cleaning Cloth


5.5” Shear + Thinner

Zipper Case


6.25” Shear + Thinner

Zipper Case

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