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(Fine - Medium Hair)

Custom bristles for gentle detangling of wet & dry hair
Pain-free & damage-free

(Medium-Thick Hair)

Quick, easy & pain free detangling
Comfortable ball point tips
Gentle on hair & scalp
Great for detangling & brushing

(Smooth & Shine)

Special blend of boar
& nylon bristles
For superior styling
on all hair types & extensions
Eliminate frizz & flyaways
Smooth shiny finish

Removable Cushion!

For Easy Cleaning
Squeeze sides of cushion & lift
Easy to keep your brushes truly clean at all times
Clean behind the cushion
quickly & easily
No more dirty brushes


Bristles actively massage the scalp
& help promote healthy hair

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Professional: Consumer:

16-pc Display (OGD-AD12TF)

4 of each:

Display width: 8” (203 mm)

Alternative Merchandising Option

Easy to display anywhere
Every brush comes with a hang tab
Fits both single & double-wire peg hooks

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