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Gemma Chan

2019 Critics’ Choice Awards

WHO: Actress, Gemma Chan

HAIR BY: Clariss Rubenstein for Olivia Garden

INSPIRATION: Gemma is wearing this incredible dress with lots of volume and a long train. I wanted her hair to be modern and youthful. She is way too cool to have coiffed, polished hair with this look.

TIPS/TECHNIQUES: I prepped Gemma’s hair with the Rehydrating Mist to make it slightly damp & brushed through with the iDetangle Brush. I then blow dried hair at the roots with Ceramic + Ion Hair Dryer & the EcoHair Thermal Round Brush in 1 ¼ inch size for extra volume. I used a combination of a ¾ and 1-inch curling iron with a flat iron to create the perfect undone wave. I spritzed Dry Shampoo from the crown to the root of the head for a bit of volume & texture.

Once the hair held its shape and volume, I secured a low ponytail above the nape & with another elastic pulled the ponytail half way through to create a playful knot. I left a few pieces out around the face & pinned them back with French hair pins to keep the look dimensional, textured, & a bit airy. I finished with Flexible Hold Hairspray by doing an overall mist & putting some on my fingers to personalize the look.

Olivia Garden hair tools used:

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