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Flexible Vented Design Adjusts Tension Based on Hair Type

Detangles quickly & gently on wet & dry hair

Fine Hair - ID-FH Fine Hair - ID-FH
Medium Hair - ID-MH Medium Hair - ID-MH
Thick Hair - ID-TH Thick Hair - ID-TH
12-pc display: 4 x ID-FH, 4 x ID-MH, 4 x ID-TH 12-pc display: 4 x ID-FH, 4 x ID-MH, 4 x ID-TH
Product image 1Fine Hair - ID-FH
Product image 2Medium Hair - ID-MH
Product image 3Thick Hair - ID-TH
Product image 412-pc display: 4 x ID-FH, 4 x ID-MH, 4 x ID-TH
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ID-FH - Fine Hair

Ultra gentle Memory-Flex™

double bristle

Great for detangling fine,

chemically-treated or fragile hair

Also best for extensions

ID-MH - Medium Hair

Flexible Memory-Flex™

dual length bristle

Perfect for detangling hair

of regular thickness

Comfortable ball point tips

ID-TH - Thick Hair

Memory-Flex™ tension bristle

Ideal for quickly detangling

thick or coarse hair

Comfortable ball point tips

Gentle on hair & scalp

Dual-Curve Shape

Perfectly hugs the scalp for

incredible comfort & superior

styling control

Every bristle is actively styling
with each stroke
Provides great scalp massage

Flexible Vented Head Design

Adjusts tension based on hair type

Extra large vents guarantees brush

is always dry & free of moisture

(unlike cushion brush)

Detangles quickly & gently
on wet & dry hair

Ergonomic handle

Unibody snag-free design

Special anti-slip coating






Olivia Garden® & IDetangle™ are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Olivia Garden Int. Inc. & Olivia Garden SA.
©2016 All rights reserved. Patented D782,829, D798,607. Europe-003010271-0001. China-2016 3 0079658.4 & other domestic or foreign patents may apply as well and/or are pending.

12-pc Display (ID-D12)

4 of each: ID-FH, ID-MH, ID-TH

display width: 8"

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