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Hold Multiple Hair Sections in 1 Clip!

Save time when cutting, styling, coloring & curling

Package of 2 clips - DC-1 Package of 2 clips - DC-1
Package of 2 clips - DC-1 Package of 2 clips - DC-1
Package of 2 clips - DC-1 Package of 2 clips - DC-1
Product image 1Package of 2 clips - DC-1
Product image 2Package of 2 clips - DC-1
Product image 3Package of 2 clips - DC-1
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Save time & use less clips

High quality stainless steel spring for a strong hold

Lightweight & very durable unique blend of carbon & fiberglass


Package of 2 clips (DC-1)

Colors vary per package

For all your sectioning needs

Save Time when Cutting, Styling, Coloring & Curling

Fast & easy to curl hair!

Ideal for dry-set pin curls & innovative styling techniques

1. Take a hair section and blow dry with a round brush

2. Use Double Clip Petite to secure dried hair section in a curl shape

3. Optional: For longer lasting curls, apply styling spray

4. Remove clips when hair is completely dry and ready to finish styling

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