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Firm Bristle Thermal Collection

Natural elegance combined with high performance

1 3/4" - EC-20F 1 3/4" - EC-20F
2 1/8"- EC-26F 2 1/8"- EC-26F
2 1/2" - EC-36F 2 1/2" - EC-36F
3" - EC-46F 3" - EC-46F
16-pc display: 4 x EC-20F, 4 x EC-26F, 4 x EC-36F, 4 x EC-46F 16-pc display: 4 x EC-20F, 4 x EC-26F, 4 x EC-36F, 4 x EC-46F
Product image 11 3/4" - EC-20F
Product image 22 1/8"- EC-26F
Product image 32 1/2" - EC-36F
Product image 43" - EC-46F
Product image 516-pc display: 4 x EC-20F, 4 x EC-26F, 4 x EC-36F, 4 x EC-46F
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Firm Bristles

Ideal for thick or coarse hair

that needs maximum tension

To straighten, add volume or

soften curls

Tourmaline Ion Technology

Hydrates the cuticle & adds shine
Eliminates frizz & flyaways

Extreme heat resistant

Exclusive Nylgard™ bristles

are heat resistant

up to 550°F (290˚C)

Ceramic coated barrel

heats up faster & retains

heat longer

Faster, gentler & better styling

Handcrafted wood handle

Special anti-slip grip

Ergonomic design

Durable & biodegradable


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Barrel Diameters

Bristle Diameters

16-pc Display (EC-D16F)

4 of each:

EC-46F, EC-36F, EC-26F, EC-20F

Display width: 8"

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