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Fully Saturates & Evenly Distributes Hair Color & Treatments

Red - IB-1 Red - IB-1
Teal - IB-2 Teal - IB-2
8-pc display: 4 x IB-1, 4 x IB-2 8-pc display: 4 x IB-1, 4 x IB-2
Product image 1Red - IB-1
Product image 2Teal - IB-2
Product image 38-pc display: 4 x IB-1, 4 x IB-2
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More Beautiful & Natural Results

Full saturation eliminates gaps

in product application

When blending color,

result is much more natural

Evenly Distributes Product

Removes excess product

& redistributes it where needed

Get More Uses

Out of Your Products

Avoids over saturation

& wasted product


Dual Length Bristles

Easily penetrate through the hair,

shallow & deep layers all at once

Gentle & flexible bristles
Extremely comfortable
on hair & scalp


Much Faster & Easier

More efficient than

using a comb or hands

Great Detangler

Keeps hair tangle free

when applying color & treatments

Scalp-Hugging Shape

Every bristle makes

contact with scalp

Minimizes Skin Contact

with Product

Ideal for those with allergic reactions

Stain Resistant & Easy to Clean

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©2017 All rights reserved. Patented Europe-004356509-0001 & other domestic or foreign patents may apply as well and/or are pending.

For all types of hair color,

conditioning, bond building

& hair straightening treatments

For roots & tint touch-up

For reverse balayage & ombre

For liquid hair color, toner,

gloss & treatments

For natural highlights on short hair,

especially great for men

8-pc Display (IB-D8)

4 of each: IB-1 & IB-2

display width: 4"

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