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One handle. Multi barrels. The brush that gives you options!

Detachable barrel & handle 

1" Barrel - MB-26B 1" Barrel - MB-26B
1 3/8" Barrel - MB-36B 1 3/8" Barrel - MB-36B
1 3/4" Barrel - MB-46B 1 3/4" Barrel - MB-46B
2 1/8" Barrel - MB-56B 2 1/8" Barrel - MB-56B
2 1/2" Barrel - MB-66B 2 1/2" Barrel - MB-66B
Handle with pick - MB-H1 Handle with pick - MB-H1
3-pc Kit - MB-KT01 3-pc Kit - MB-KT01
6-pc Bag Deal - MB-BD01 6-pc Bag Deal - MB-BD01
Product image 11" Barrel - MB-26B
Product image 21 3/8" Barrel - MB-36B
Product image 31 3/4" Barrel - MB-46B
Product image 42 1/8" Barrel - MB-56B
Product image 52 1/2" Barrel - MB-66B
Product image 6Handle with pick - MB-H1
Product image 73-pc Kit - MB-KT01
Product image 86-pc Bag Deal - MB-BD01
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2 in 1

Styling Brush

& Leave-in Barrel

Save Money & Space

Easy to Take Anywhere


Patented Locking System

Perfect Fit™ gap-free connection

One-hand quick release handle

High Quality Mechanism

Based on years of R&D

Tested over 250,000 times


Ceramic Coated Barrel

Heats up faster

& retains heat longer

Faster, gentler & better styling

Ion Charged Bristles

Hydrate the cuticle & adds shine

Eliminate frizz & flyaways

Special grip bristles

for self-holding

Vented Cap

Much lighter barrel design

Boosts ventilation for faster drying

Detachable Handle

Extremely lightweight

Ergonomic anti-slip grip

Retractable sectioning pick



Barrel Diameters

Bristle Diameters

3-pc Kit (MB-KT01)

Contains 1 of each:

MB-36B barrel

MB-56B barrel

MB-H1 handle with pick

6-pc Bag Deal (MB-BD01)

Contains 1 of each:

MB-26B barrel

MB-36B barrel

MB-46B barrel

MB-56B barrel

MB-66B barrel

MB-H1 handle with pick


34-pc Display (MB-D34)

4 x MB-26B barrel

4 x MB-36B barrel

4 x MB-46B barrel

4 x MB-56B barrel

3 x MB-66B barrel

12 x MB-H1 handle with pick

3 x MB-KT01 3-pc Kit


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