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Completely Vented Ionic Boar Combo Thermal Round Brush

1 3/4" - TA-CO27 1 3/4" - TA-CO27
2 1/4" - TA-CO35 2 1/4" - TA-CO35
2 1/2" - TA-CO45 2 1/2" - TA-CO45
3" - TA-CO55 3" - TA-CO55
3 1/2" - TA-CO65 3 1/2" - TA-CO65
Replacement pick fits ThermoActive brushes only and not other brushes Replacement pick fits ThermoActive brushes only and not other brushes
Product image 11 3/4" - TA-CO27
Product image 22 1/4" - TA-CO35
Product image 32 1/2" - TA-CO45
Product image 43" - TA-CO55
Product image 53 1/2" - TA-CO65
Product image 6Replacement pick fits ThermoActive brushes only and not other brushes
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A Truly Unique Ionic

Boar Bristle Combination

Boar + Ionic Nylon Bristles

Easier & better styling

with total hair tension control

Scalp-Hugging Barrel

Curved barrel gets closer to the

scalp creating a longer lasting,

stronger, dynamic hair style

Ball-Point Tip Bristles

Total client scalp comfort

100% Natural Boar Bristles

Shinier & healthier hair

Control flyaways

Patented Fully Ventilated

Thermal Brush Head

Unrestricted airflow enables

both sides of a hair strand to

be shaped at the same time

Better & longer lasting hairstyles

Ergonomic Handle

Keeps hand & wrist relaxed

& comfortable

Extremely lightweight

& Well balanced brush

Retractable sectioning pick

Olivia Garden®, OG® logo, & ThermoActive are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Olivia Garden Int. Inc. & Olivia Garden SA.
©2011 All rights reserved. Patented US-D648,540. Europe-001264907-0002. Korea-30-0623286-0000 & other domestic or foreign patents may apply as well and/or are pending.

Barrel Diameters

Bristle Diameters

12-pc Display (TA-COD12)

4 of each: TA-CO55, TA-CO45, TA-CO35

display width: 8"

18-pc Display (TA-COD18)

3 of each: TA-CO65, TA-CO55

4 of each: TA-CO45, TA-CO35, TA-CO27

display width: 16"

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